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Calendar, every one knows is normally printed on paper or cardboard, hanged on to wall or put on the table. But Kite Calendars or Calendar Kites is something you haven't heard about it.

Calendar Kites as its name suggest is a kite with calendar printed on it. Material is Mylar in transparent or in colors. There are two type of Kite calendar viz. Wall mounted Kite Calendar and Table Calendar. Wall mounted Kite Calendar are mounted on wall with self-adhesive sticker sticked on the backside of the kite. The sizes of the wall mounted kite calendars are 15" X 15" and 19" X 19" respectively.

Table Kite calendar is also made in Mylar but in smaller size (7" X 7") and with stiff cardboard stand at its back to hold the kite in upright position.

These kites are also one type of publicity or advertisement media. A company's logo can be printed on the sides or above or below the Calendar